The RARE-SPARES handbrake extender comes ready assembled in order to show its final configuration. Full fitting instructions are provided specific to each type of extender to ensure correct adjustment.

Note that no less than six 25mm X 6mm Allen screws are used to clamp on the RARE-SPARES handbrake extender. This is significantly more than other designs on the market use. We believe that you cannot be too careful with the fixing of such an important control as the handbrake.

There is no need for any drilling or modification to the existing manufacturers handbrakes for which the extenders are designed.

 The only tool that you will need is an Allen Key. Needless to say, we provide one with every unit.

Note: The images above show a pre 2006 type extender being fitted by sliding into place. The post 2006 type Ducato grip and the Ford Transit grip require the two halves of the extender plastic castings to be positioned around the grip and then bolted together.