• Most importantly, all other extenders currently on the market invariably inhibit the use of the swivel seats as fitted to many motorhomes.

  • But the RARE-SPARES Handbrake Extenders are unique.

    Even though they raise the operating handgrip higher than their competitors to make it easily reached, once the vehicle is parked the lever can be moved out of the way to reduce its height to little more than the original handbrake.

    This is achieved by pulling out an aircraft style quick release pin. This lets the lever swing downwards towards the floor... providing clearance for swivel seats to turn.

  • The operation of this handbrake extender obviates the need to press the conventional handbrake release button with the thumb. Instead the whole lever is moved to release the handbrake. This effectively makes the handbrake act as the type known in the vintage motoring era as a ‘Fly-Off’ handbrake.

    Because of this quick release nature, the user should always play doubly safe by leaving the vehicle in gear… which is something recommended anyway by all experienced motorhome users whatever the method of handbrake actuation. Please satisfy yourself that you are happy with the concept of this 'Fly-Off' action prior to ordering.

  • The rubber grip is also of a larger diameter than conventional handbrakes. On two counts then it is eminently suited for those suffering from restricted and/or painful movement of the fingers and thumbs.

  • The swing down lever is also a useful safety feature when the handbrake is mounted between the driver's seat and the door.

    This is a common location in motorhomes where virtually any handbrake could be released accidentally by contact with the driver exiting the vehicle.

  • If the quick release pin is replaced whilst the lever is in the down position, this provides an additional safety feature for when playful children are present.

    Neither inquisitive fingers nor the extension lever itself can reach the original handbrake's operating button... so it cannot be released accidentally.