Do not mistakenly compare these Rare-Spares extenders with those on the market that have a 'cheap and cheerful' construction. When you have paid a great deal of money for your motorhome, why spoil it with an accessory with a 'Heath Robinson' appearance? 

RARE-SPARES Handbrake Extenders are quality products manufactured using the finest materials

The clamping units that enclose the existing handbrake handle are made as follows...

New Post-2006 Ducato type: Now injection moulded from extremely tough glass-filled nylon.

Old Pre-2006 Ducato & Ford Transit 2000-2013 types: which are produced in more limited quantities, are cast in high temperature resistant polyurethane.

The lever for all versions is made from 6mm brushed finish stainless steel.

The hand grip for all versions is made from high grip bi-coloured rubber.